10th Security Project Conference

“Build an Integration Strategy”

Thursday 30 March 2023 – Athens, Divani Caravel Hotel

  • The top conference event for security in its 10th edition!

  • A bridge of professionals, technology and the market of security!

  • With expanded, contemporary, and impactful content

Holistic approach focusing on People and Technology

The Security Project Conference – which is the only conference event on physical security in Greece – has reached  its 10th edition!

The event organized by Smart Press and Security Manager magazine, being for many years the reference point of developments  in the field of Security, aims this year – through its central title – to highlight the need to adopt a strategy for  the holistic approach to security issues, based on the triptych Man – Technologies – Processes, as a pillar for an efficient model of protection against the dangers of the time.

Through the assessment of the auditing course of all aspects of the security sector in recent years, we will discuss the challenges of today in relation to complex risks, hybrid threats and crime  of all sizes, we will highlight modern Security & Safety practices and we will of course focus on new technologies and  integrated solutions  developed for security through presentations and speeches by experts in the field, as well as the participation of market companies in the exhibition sector of the conference.

A professional meeting point

We live in a completely interconnected environment where everything is interdependent. Security could not be an exception!

The integration of technological infrastructure, the digital transformation, the hybrid environment of risks and the need of businesses, organizations, and even individuals, to enhance their flexibility and functionality, leads the security sector to the requirement to build a bridge of integration of the systems that make up security projects, integrating new functions and applications. 

At the same time, the need to align security with business goals and  day-to-day processes is vital and can be achieved by expanding the role  of security officers and  making more effective use of technological and human resources.
The Security Directors and the executives of the in-house respective departments, the Facility Guarding Project Managers, the scientific staff, the executives and the base staff  of the IEPYA, the Professional System Installation Technicians  and  all those involved in the market of technologies and services, must today follow a new management model   , working together and operating in the  security ecosystem in order to respond effectively to the demands of the times.

The Security Project will once again connect all the pieces of the security puzzle and at the same time will be a meeting point for professionals in the field who will have the opportunity to attend an expanded, modern and influential content that will be developed in  the 2 thematic sections that will take place within the framework of the conference.

What a best risk management practices are applied today!

Crime and, more broadly, the dangers and threats in the modern hybrid environment,  stem from many different sources. Risk management in the most effective way today requires approaches to the implementation of policies  and preventive protection measures at state, corporate, social, family and individual level that are evolving dynamically 

In this light, experts, scientists and experts will analyze important aspects of the risks that those who are responsible for making safety-related decisions within the framework of businesses, organizations, and critical infrastructure have to face today. The integration of all available human and technological resources into an integrated security system,  development of innovations, the utilization of advanced technologies and solutions and the upgrading of staff training and management that are key factors for success and will be at the center of discussions and speeches.

How security technologies are going to be investment with extra value

The global industry of physical security technologies, focuses in recent years on the development of systems that have the potential to be part of integrated solutions, adapted to the different needs and peculiarities of vertical market facilities.  The interconnection of technological applications for security, with each other and with the rest of the building infrastructure, is not just an option, but a necessity that leads to the enhancement of functionality and the creation of greater value of investments for security.

It is therefore particularly useful to highlight today, through the technological module of the Security Project, the impact of AI, IoT, cloud, wireless and hybrid systems, advanced 24/7 surveillance solutions and services   and other trends, as catalysts that will upgrade the role of    security project implementation professionals  and give them a competitive advantage in the market.

Sponsors’ Exhibition​

Once again, within the framework of the Security Project 2023, a parallel exhibition of the participating sponsoring companies will be held, giving visitors the opportunity to get in touch with companies operating in our country in the field of security services and solutions, in order to be informed about their activities and in general about all the developments in the field.

Who and why are involved!

Every year, the Security Project Conference is addressed and attended by hundreds of executives  from the large community of Physical Security professionals  from all over Greece.Specifically, this year, the following will participate as visitors to the conference:

  • Directors and  Executives of in-house Security Departments from large Private Companies and Public Organizations *
  • Executives and Staff of Security Companies
  • Professional Security System Installers and companies active in the Implementation of Technological Projects
  • Security Forces Officers and Personnel
  • Academics, Scientists, Researchers, Consultants, Trainers, Students and Individuals with a wider interest in the field of Security

(*Banking organizations, Industries and Production Units, Tourist Units, Commercial Enterprises, Hospitals, Public Organizations and Bodies, Airports & Ports, Logistics, IT & Telecommunications Companies, Shipping, Educational Institutions, Technical Companies, Embassies, Service Companies, etc.)

Visitors to the Conference will have, among others, the opportunity to:

  • To enrich their knowledge about modern technological trends and the latest developments around security issues.
  • To get to know solutions  and  services and to meet executives of companies in the security sector in  the exhibition area of the conference.

To network with colleagues and professionals from the wider field of Security & Safety and to exchange views, experiences and know-how.

Under the auspice of the scientific institution:

The conference event trusted and participated by the market and the Security sector in Greece!

Each organization of the Security Project has the support of important  bodies and organizations, while it is distinguished for the participation  of many important companies from the field of  services, electronic systems, integrated solutions and security projects,  which participate in the exhibition sector and contribute to the  content  of the conference,  in the  context of the Plenary session.

With quality, innovation and high impact  as its pillars,   the Security Project conference  is  the reference point in the field of conference events for Security.

The team of Security Manager magazine  and Smart Press with  stable values  of reliability,  validity in highlighting security issues, recognition, trust and respect of the space, create the conditions for an event with maximum  impact  that aspires to be a celebration for the industry and its people.

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