16 – 17 March 2018 – Athens, Wyndham Grand Hotel

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The 6th Security Project Conference -to take place on 16 & 17 March 2018 in Athens, at Wyndham Grand Hotel, by Smart Press and the Security Manager magazine- will once again be an annual summit for experts and professionals in security. It’s also the biggest and most important conference event about security management, services and technologies in Greece.

Security challenges and needs of public infrastructures, private businesses and organizations, as well as all citizens and society in general, constantly increase. The answer by the private security and public sectors, to this big challenge in such a fluid landscape, can only be one: turn to quality!

The high quality of security services, personnel, training, technological solutions and products, can and has to make an essential difference, and it’s the only way to effectively manage the demands of these times, about preventive security against modern threats, as well as dealing with crime of any kind and and scale.

The 6th Security Project Conference, as a reference in its field, is called upon to contribute towards this direction, and highlight quality as the basic component of every aspect of security, as well as the only selection criterion for relevant services, procedures and solutions.

The conference, as usual, is divided in to 2 themed daily sessions. On the 1st day, Friday 16 March, the Security Manager Forum will take place, while on the 2nd day, Saturday 17 March, we’ll hold the Security Technology Day session.

Friday 16 March 2018 –

During the 1st day of the conference, we’ll hold presentations and discussions to highlight the modern challenges of dealing with crime and risks that threaten today’s national and critical infrastructures and organizations of all sizes and categories, as well as citizens and society in general.

Specifically, we’ll analyze the features we come across in new forms of terrorism and extremism, in organized crime, in cybercrime, as well as low-end and mid-range criminality.

Expert scientists, high-ranking officers of security forces, state officials and private sector professionals, will present optimal practices of security management, focusing on upgrading the quality of services, technologies, training and applied procedures, in order to upgrade the level of protection for facilities, infrastructures, information, assets and of course people.

Saturday 17 March 2018 – 

During the 2nd day of the conference, experts and corporate managers from Greece and abroad, will present modern progress in the area of technologies developed for security.

In this year’s event, speakers will approach the management of technological projects and services, based on enhancing quality during the entire implementation cycle of a project, from material supply to installation and support.

Sectors like video analytics and smart image analysis through artificial intelligence, color monitoring in very low lighting conditions, wireless technology, adoption of Cloud, IoT and mobility in security systems, unification of all functions, which is a major trend in the global market, as well as many other themed subjects about technology in security, will be the core content of the Security Project’s 2nd-day schedule.

Sponsors expo

Once more, during the Security Project 2018, we’ll hold a concurrent expo for sponsors, giving attendees the opportunity to contact businesses in our country, active in the sector of security services and solutions, in order to learn “face to face” about their activities and progress in this industry, in general.

A conference event trusted by the security market and sector in Greece

The concept of quality has been for several years rooted deep in the DNA of both the Security Project Conference and the Security Manager magazine.

Always true to our values -starting with quality- this event, as well as the Security Manager magazine, are references for the security sector in Greece, earning the recognition, trust and respect of this industry, and the security market in general.

Every Security Project event is supported by important parties, organizations and several private businesses in the security services and systems sector.

The conference may be attended by:

  • Managers and personnel of security departments from major private businesses and public organizations.
  • Executives and personnel of security companies.
  • Professional technicians active in implementing projects and trading in security systems.
  • Security Forces officers.
  • Academics, scientists, researchers and individuals with a wide interest in this field.

The conference is attended every year by security managers and executives of in-house security departments, from businesses and organizations in all vertical markets. These include: banks, industrial units, retail stores and malls, educational organizations, transportation, hospitals, telcos, manufacturing and technical businesses, maritime businesses, tourism units, etc. There are also attendees from the public sector in general, which includes state services, public organizations, embassies, etc.

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